Lucy Johnson
November 20, 2017

The emergence of restaurant apps have revolutionized the dining industry. With the many hidden and helpful perks that they offer, it is no surprise that they are beneficial for both customers and restaurant owners. With the percentage of restaurant app users up 30% due to the unprecedented leap in the popularity of food apps it’s a no-brainer to have these implemented today. But what benefits do restaurant apps bring to the table?

  1. Quicker turnover

With a restaurant app, or a mobile ordering app, customers can make their food order directly from their phone. This will then be sent to the POS (point of sale) system and therefore directly to the kitchen. This means that during peak periods there is no need for customers to wait until the waiting staff are available to take their orders. More people can therefore be served during the same period. Once an order is taken through the phone, the wait time is diminished at the start of the process. The food is ordered and delivered to the table, the guest can then use the app to pay the restaurant bill immediately, without having to wait for a bill, saving time yet again. The guest then leaves, saving approximately 20 minutes, and that same table can then be reseated. Increased turnover for the restaurant, improved experience for the guest. Name a better solution.

  1. Happy customers

Through significantly reduced waiting times, there are much fewer unhappy customers. Guests don’t enjoy sitting around waiting for their order to be taken, surrounded by stressed staff running circles around them. Because of this, a restaurant app means fewer unhappy customers, less complaints, fewer poor reviews and more repeat custom. Vital for any restaurant.

  1. Putting the enjoyment back in Loyalty

If your company offers loyalty and reward schemes, an in-app scheme is perfect. Complicated and time-consuming registration is a thing of the past when your loyalty is automatically applied when a customer signs into their account. Furthermore, there isn’t a physical loyalty card, which means a customer doesn’t have to make space in their wallet for the card. Registration, points collection and recorded visits are also documented in the app, acting as a huge incentive for customers to utilize the app due to added convenience. Engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, signifying the importance of a solid loyalty program.

  1. Efficient control of Take-out orders

The process of take-out orders is completely revolutionized. Through customers paying via their phone, the likelihood of customers clogging up the front desk whilst paying and waiting for their order is reduced. This means customer satisfaction will be higher as their order will be ready immediately upon arrival and they can leave immediately afterwards. More orders can also be processed through efficiency and more customers will come through the door having not been deterred from entering due to the excessively long queue.

  1. Push notifications

Push notifications can be generated through the app. This is a large benefit to the restaurant as push notifications cause an increase in customer engagement and is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing. 45-90% of customers view their notifications and 5-30% click on the link. When comparing this to email performance, the figures are astoundingly low, with only 15-30% of customers viewing the message and 1-5% clicking on the link. Mobile apps using push notifications also have 92% higher retention rates.

To sum up, implementing a restaurant app can bring endless benefits to your restaurant, and with many industries enhancing the customer experience with a mobile app, the restaurant industry should be no exception. This trend should be exploited to maximize customer engagement and significantly improve their dining experience. After all, the better the experience, the better the relationship, the better the business results.

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