Shlomit Kugler
March 19, 2020

To help restaurants stay in business during these uncertain times of restricted movement, we have put together a secured and easy-to-use system to allow for increased meal pickups and digital payments that helps to ensure the safety of restaurant employees and patrons.

When a restaurant gets a phone call for pickup, they can send the customer an SMS with their menu, which the customer can then use to order online and pay securely. An additional feature is to embed the link into the restaurant’s current web page. The order is then prepared for pickup at the agreed time and this way we can limit the physical contact between restaurants and customers. There is no need for cash transactions and funds are deposited real time into the restaurant’s bank account, using their current acquirer. No new banking relationships needs be set up.

We have rushed to make this available for any restaurants. We will be waiving any set-up costs, in an effort to help increase revenue for restaurants in these difficult times. We are happy to assist restaurants with setting up the systems so restaurants can keep their kitchens open and keep part of their revenue.

We all need to support one another during these unpredictable times and here at MyCheck, we want to help in any way we can. Restaurants can now keep their kitchens open and generate revenue at affordable costs as no commissions will be levied on sales – only a simple guaranteed flat monthly fee.

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