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One-Click Payment to Booking.
MyCheck enables customers to add, store and manage multiple payment methods in their digital wallet.

"MyCheck, with its mission to offer integrated technology solutions for the hospitality sector, will deliver real value as we drive the industry forward."
Kevin King, COO of Shiji


MyCheck is a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider that offers the option of processing payments directly with merchant processors as well as most alternative payment types. Transactions are out of the assessment scope of our customers and their individual properties. MyCheck is GDPR compliant.


We stay ahead of the curve with maintaining current integrations and adding new partners coming to the market. MyCheck saves development time and effort, relieving your stress of staying up to date with your third-party vendors for Payments, PMS, POS & CRS.


Make it easier for your customers to check-out by giving them the freedom to link multiple payment methods to their account and choose which ones to transact with at any given time. Your branded wallet can support traditional debit and credit cards, along with alternative/digital/wallet payments.


Using a single sign-on methodology, your guest will have a seamless journey throughout the booking process ending in a one-click payment experience.


Make it easier for your customers to check-out by giving them multiple payment methods to choose from.


Simplify the process for your guests to become members by adding only one extra click to the process.


Get one step ahead with new ways to pay in accordance to new and updated trends in the market.


Stay alert with new and updated trends in the market while remaining PCI DSS and GDPR compliant