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Lucy Johnson
August 14, 2017

Opening or maintaining a restaurant in today’s world is tougher than ever. With the ever-expanding menus and the growth of new, vegan style cafés, being anything short of different is difficult to maintain and certainly more difficult to open. We have suggested our top 6 tips that every restaurateur should know, whether you are starting up or purely opting to boost your revenue stream.

1. Keep up-to-date with changing times

Online ordering systems are a great way to do this. In a mobile-first world like today, the use of e-commerce is vital, with 69% of adults ordering food on a mobile device. Pick-up and delivery options on a mobile ordering app are the future of restaurants, and many customers chose a restaurant based on the availability of these features. Customers want convenience and convenience can be accounted for by the use of an efficient online ordering system.

2. A POS system is worth the investment

POS systems not only make card transactions much quicker and easier to process, they also track consumer spending. This enables you to view what is selling and what is not, allowing you to control inventory as well as make menu changes based on accurate market research saving you costs in the long run. Orders go directly from the system to the kitchen printer and the order is processed. This makes the process much more efficient and streamlined.

3. Don’t be cheap

Lowering costs notably lowers quality. Many mistakes small restaurant owners make is lowering overheads to increase profit but the way they go about doing this impacts the company. The main costs that cannot be lowered are; food, materials and most importantly staff. Having a good team not only makes the staff more productive, but also significantly improves the customer experience leading to good reviews and repeat custom. If you hire good staff, produce good food using good materials success is much more likely.

4. Have a good sign

New customers determine their location based on the aesthetic of the restaurant. Having a poor-quality sign doesn’t draw a customer to your location, it encourages the exact opposite. Financing a memorable sign is an investment, and one that is worth doing.

5. Market on social media

What once was the future of marketing is now one of the most commonly used forms. Taking to twitter, Facebook or Instagram and posting snaps of your best dishes or restaurant ambience is one of the most successful ways of marketing. However, to do this effectively you must have a USP. Which leads us onto our next step…

6. Have a USP

Getting away with ‘New York’s best Steakhouse’ is now harder than ever. Consumers look for change and diversity. In today’s world, you are more likely to succeed selling the hottest Korean BBQ cuisine in comparison to a typical cheeseburger. Innovation is key. Create something that no one has had. Whether you chose to diversify through the presentation of your food, the actual ingredients, or the atmosphere you provide, it doesn’t matter. You must be different.

Attracting customers is hard, and ensuring they return is even harder. Repeat custom is vital, and to generate repeat custom you must stand out. Take all the necessary steps to stand out, despite the cost, because if you do, the likelihood of survival and success is much more likely. It’s worth the investment.

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